The Story Behind


Rocket 88 Doughnuts is a doughnut shop in the Fountain Square neighborhood of Indianapolis.  We are a shop striving to create a unique doughnut customer experience within the Indianapolis market. 

Unique, local, and natural are the cornerstones of Rocket 88s mission.  We serve our customers with a doughnut experience that they will not have the opportunity to get anywhere else in Indianapolis.  Our focus will be on both perfecting the doughnut classics but also bringing truly unique and innovative flavors to our customers.  We want to explore the tremendous flavor possibilities that doughnuts encompass.  We have become more and more committed to our vegan offerings. Currently, over half of our daily menu is vegan. We love our vegan customers, and we think we provide one of the best vegan doughnut options in the state and midwest.

Our other major focus is on sourcing our products from local suppliers/farms as much as possible.  We want to support the tremendous local food community in Indianapolis as this is very close to our heart.  We will also source products that our organic and natural to minimize our impact on the planet.  Environmental stewardship and sustainability is very important to Rocket 88, and it will guide many of our daily decisions.



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Fountain Square | 874 Virginia Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46203

SoBro | 4909 N. College Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46205

Hours | Sunday Fountain Square 8 AM 2 PM, Brunch 9 AM 2 PM, SoBro 8 AM 1 PM | Monday & Tuesday Closed | Wednesday  Friday  Fountain Square 7 AM 1 PM, SoBro 7 AM Noon | Saturday Fountain Square 8 AM 2 PM, Brunch, 9 AM 2 PM, SoBro 8 AM 1 PM